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London tie and scarf maker Peckham Rye with their signature designs, unique for their use of colours, textures and cut. Their collection features teddy kid tattoos', the twisted classic where they blend weaves developing edgy and gritty looks, moving into more punchier colours for the bolder declaration makers.

6cms is the London cut for the best skinny look, fitting in with all the shirts and lapels being put out by a number of the main line designer homes. in fact numerous style houses themselves go to the Peckham Rye archives and deal with the designers to develop specific designs for their own brand names.

The Brit https://km-boutique.com/product/santorini-volcano-stones/ label is now in it's 7th season, including increasingly more to the collections, moving forward washed out nautical coloured stripes and rubberised tartans with taupe coloured houndstooth and detailed weaves will be featured, along with their now legendary bright coloured skull and cross bone, and multi-coloured handkerchiefs to finish and compliment the appearance.




Their distinct tassled scarf (in as lots of styles and sizes as you can imagine) continue to control the fall heavy winter season coat looks, as this specific device piece takes centre stage for a growing market of men and women who want a designer look that has a classic and charming beauty about it.

Peckham Rye's new London showroom holds all the styles of this master tie and headscarf maker, and receives many of the worlds foremost sellers and boutique designer store owners there all excited to see whats new on the planet of guys devices.

With two complete collections each year, supported with very special limited edition lines (for next Spring they are working on a Peckham Rye London Classic series of a little broader ties for business day wearer) in addition to exclusive womens scarves capsual collections that are focused one off collections specific to a shop or store.